The Best Teacher

With each rising tide there is a process of increase known as accretion and, as the tide recedes, there occurs a necessary cleansing and reduction along with some sorting and sifting. Our life experiences are built up and refined through a similar ebb and flow. By this action, wisdom may evolve and the immortal soul can grow.

The Ascension Experience

At the heart of the healthy enterprise is a true Appreciation for the Enduring Value of Individual Advancement (AEVIA). It takes concerted effort to balance the highest and best interests on behalf of a diverse set of stakeholders. And, any organization that expects to ascend, on its true merits, through the global marketplace, must effectively manage its material resources and all relevant human factors so that it produces lift. By this analogy, only goodwill together with information, capital, and the fruits of our labor flowing across a finely crafted wing can generate a differential force and a predictable rate of climb.


Our Work

The Experience Bank team works through the Ascension University and the Ascension Cafe to actively promote government of, by, and for a great humanity. A corporation is, in essence, people associating for a common purpose and acting corporately. In substance, only authentic corporations are compatible with authentic democracies. Accordingly, our preferred model for corporate governance is the Employee Owned Benefit Corporation (EOBC).


Our Services

Our team members dedicate their time, talent, and treasure to facilitate and promote the ascension of humankind as it progresses from one level of attainment to the next. We address critical developmental needs such as practical striving, practical sustenance, and practical shelter. We labor to produce a more profitable utilization of human leisure while underscoring the values of play, humor, and rest. We actively cooperate with other benevolence organizations for the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. We contribute to industrial development and work to augment prosperity. We strive to build excitement as we help meet the needs of personal growth, human dignity, social equity, and fraternal obligations through the Quintessential Curriculum of Ascension University.

This prismatic graphic represents our interpretation of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as presented in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation.” It is informed by three distinct kinds of light: Physical Light, Intellectual Insight, and Spirit Luminosity. Depicted within the prism is the foundational triad widely held to be essential for addressing our physical needs. Arrayed to the right is the virtuous cycle that represents our personal, spiritual growth.

Consultancy & Development Services

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Why us?

Ours is a team of enthusiastic practitioners involved in a variety of edification and education endeavors. We work closely with subject matter experts to round-out our core competencies and help you to deliver on the promise of a higher calling.

Our Team

Cynthia Howery

Co-founder / CEO

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Jimmy Banh


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Leah Palmieri


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“Our success will ultimately be determined by the provision God has made, the resourcefulness of our minds, the intensity of our spark, our fidelity to His trust, our fitness for a particular purpose, the integrity of our human governance, and the determination with which we advance towards the achievement of our goals.”

Bob Kalk
Founder – The Aevia Group




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Our network of Consultants, Media Producers and Information Architects work from home offices and co-working spaces while deployed. Our web and caching servers are strategically located and dynamically updated around the globe depending upon demand for services.

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